Dare to fly high? Then go for aero sports with the sky as your playground. Master over the horror of heighttry Parasailing. Parasailing is a sport that's a mix of soaring. Parasailing and Paragliding are quite similar to each other with the only difference that Parasailing is conducted on a open ground with a parachute tied to a Jeep. Whereas in case of paragliding, gentle hill sides are usually the launch sites for the performer. The best season for flying ranges from September to February.

The open country of the desert land, Rajasthan serves to exist one of the fit spots for Parasailing in India. The landing fields and strips in Jaisalmer establish to be a marked point for Parasailing.

Parasailing is one of the most audacious yet secure aero sports being packed out in eye-catching audacious destinations each over the advanced world.

It is conducted on ground under the vigilant eyes of a Qualified Parasailing Instructors.

It can be undertaken by all age groups (5 years onwards).

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